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Teaching and learning at Stafford House in Cambridge is a fun and relaxing place where you can make life-long friends and have the experience of a lifetime.

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I have been working in EFL for over 5 years. My hobbies include yoga, cycling, cooking and looking kn and doing art. I have lived cambtidge Portugal, Spain and England. I love travelling and exploring new places but if I had to pick a favourite trip, it would be when I went to Cuba last year. I love living in Cambridge as I find there is plenty to do and a great international community. Magdalena Zun English Teacher Hi. My name is Maggie. Straight after gaining my diploma in Applied Linguistics and receiving a diploma in transverse flute in my home country of Poland, I moved to Venezuela to teach English.

I think this as a beautiful moment in my life, as this was my first time teaching English abroad. After coming back cambrisge Europe, I settled down in Cambridge and worked as an Assistant Activity Manager for a summer school. I fell in love with this fascinating city and decided to stay. I am a passionate language learner, musician and traveller. I am looking forward to seeing you here! I love meeting people from all over the world and sharing in the interesting ideas and perspectives, which they bring to the classroom.

I also love English and sharing it with the students in my classes is my idea of heaven. I worked abroad in France, Italy and Croatia, and then returned to London, where I spent 10 years working in Language schools. However, I am a country girl at heart, and so two years ago I moved to a small village just outside of Cambridge. I have a 2-year-old son called Bruce. He is very energetic and sweet. I have been vegetarian my entire life and a vegan for a couple of years. As I am also a journalist, I really enjoy writing so I have my own personal blog.

In Brazil, I published a couple of non-fiction books. When I have free time, I love watching series, playing videogames, reading and travelling. I have been a teacher since but I have always been passionate about different cultures. I've studied lots of different languages and lived in a few different countries but I'm always interested in learning more; perhaps you could tell me about your country and culture, and teach me a few words of your local language! I love cooking, trying new food, watching and playing sports especially football - but I'm not very goodplaying video games and watching films. I hope you enjoy learning here at Stafford House and I hope I can learn something from you too.

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