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And fundal height measurement is also a very poor way to estimate due date. Because few women know the exact day they ovulated or conceived, an ultrasound done in the first trimester of pregnancy has been shown to the be the most accurate way to date a pregnancy.

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However, if you did not get a first trimester ultrasound for dating and an ultrasound done to look zcan the baby's anatomy usually at weeks of pregnancy differs from your LMP date by 10 to 14 days, we would change your date to the ultrasound estimate. In This Section. This baby was a huge surprise and I was breastfeeding when I got pregnant. As you know with you first baby will come whenever it wants anyways I guess.

If an ultrasound date in the first trimester differs from your LMP date diffreent seven days or more, we would go with the ultrasound. Oldest Fo 9 Daring s softy27 Dating scan is more accurate Datjng of ovulation if I went off lmp my due date would be ten days earlier then it is now but because I must have ovulalted late it's two weeks from my lmp Reply Close DiscoDeathStar I had a dating scan at 8 weeks and they chose April 16 as my due date but based on last missed period it would be April I guess I'm just worried because I'm measuring 2 weeks ahead and my ob had already said I better have my bags packed early this time wasn't ready at all when I went into labor!

When we give you a due date we consider 37 to 42 weeks to be full-term, so even if your baby is born two weeks before your due date it is not considered premature. My first came over two weeks early when I actually knew my conception date, and consistently measured small. You can calculate your due date by subtracting three months from the first day of your last menstrual period LMP and then add a week.

Scan to lmp different Dating

My first was 7 lbs 5 oz when she was born. Dating your Pregnancy The 40 week countdown A pregnancy diffedent based on being days long, which is 40 weeks more like 10 months not 9! Sort by: And I'm also worried that this baby is measuring so big. Just had my glucose test today and am a little concerned, when I wasn't at all with my first. Ultrasounds done later in the pregnancy are less accurate for dating, so if your due date is set in the first trimester, it shouldn't be changed.

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