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Rabbit Speed Dating Leads to Bunny Romance

The annihilation, Ms. Moo kept back. See, Sis also builds to be a way.

He scooted away. There are plenty of rabbits to choose from at the shelter these days — over 60, more than Ms.

Dating Bunny speed

Odum said she had seen in 10 speeed of volunteering, possibly sppeed side effect of a ban on selling rabbits in pet shops, which took effect last year. New rabbit owners often change their minds after learning how much work the animals are, Ms. Odum explained. Rabbits are fussy and messy. Despite their apparent cuddliness, many dislike being held. Chui asked Ms. Odum to bring in Edie, a lionhead with crazy white tufts sprouting from her forehead and big black eye patches. She was adorable. Edie and Moo did not hit it off. Nor did they fight. They sat five feet apart, facing each other, glancing away, then turning back again.

Moo hid in the corner. Edie sniffed the wall. Moo stood on his hind legs and periscoped. Edie hopped very slowly toward him, then stopped. Chui said. She and Mr. Chow have been seeing each other for a year and a half. They are not engaged. Rabbits can live 10 years, and Moo is 2.

Getting a rabbit datong a long-term commitment. Chow cut in. Moo seemed mystified. There was another Bunnh with the same rabbits, minus brash Bronx. Tonya and Moo seemed more at ease. He lowered his head and nudged her flank again. Tonya demurred. Chow spee and smiled. Chow and Ms. Chui conferred briefly and announced their decision: Odum went off to fetch her. Why Edie? Chow said. Consider the bonded pairs we have for adoption. Two bunnies are just as easy as one, and they are wonderful to watch and interact with. You'll also know for sure that your new pets will have the company they need to stay happy and healthy. Consider letting us recommend the right bunny or bunnies for you.

We know the personalities of all of our rabbits, and we'll be able to suggest the perfect 'match' for you. Do you have kids?

Jerk Amy Odum, evidently, holds Tonya. Down must be a desktop for, and modifications of, exercise areas of of any backup housing.

It's a big misconception that bunnies are good Bunnyy pets' to help 'teach kids responsibility. Unlike most of the other animals people keep as pets, rabbits are prey animals. This means they are particularly delicate and must have adult caretakers. Rabbits are delicate and complex animals that are easy to care for if you are an adult and have done your research. However, there are lots of bunnies that do great in households with children.

If you have kids, let us help you choose the right bunny or bunnies to join your family. Do you have other pets? Just like some bunnies do well with kids, some bunnies do well with other pets. As a rule, bunnies are fine with house cats. If anything, we find that the cats are the ones who end up being a little bit We have never had a situation where a bunny was endangered by a housecat, but we can talk to you about any concerns you have. Yes, you can have bunnies if you have a dog, but this really depends on the dog. Some dogs are absolutely fine with rabbits. Others have such strong hunting, or even exuberant playing, instincts that they can hurt a pet rabbit even if they don't mean to.

We can help evaluate whether your dog is a good 'match' for a houserabbit. Don't see the perfect bunny on our site? As much as we'd love to keep our Petfinder listings perfectly accurate, we're pretty busy and we often have bunnies who are available but not listed on Petfinder. Contact us to let us know what kind of rabbit you are looking for gender, etc. Step 3: Take photos of the housing you've created for your new bunny or bunnies. You will have to send them to us with your application. Our first questions are always about the housing your plan to provide your bunny or bunnies. We must see photos of your bunny housing before we can proceed.

Here are some of the criteria we use when assessing bunny housing: The housing must be indoors. We do not adopt bunnies to people who plan to keep them outside.

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