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If The Roles Were Reversed…Would You Date Yourself?

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Today, you can choose what kind of gender role you want to play - well mostly.

The down side is that, if you have a less common way of life, then you might Datiny a harder time finding somebody with a lifestyle that matches yours. One of the problems in the modern dating world stems particularly from a lack of clear rules of engagement. So dating is a lot more complicated - but that also makes it more exciting because there is much more diversity of dating partners. Women are averagely better educated and better qualified than men so this trend will continue and perhaps accelerate.

Roles reversed Dating

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Money, religion, communication, race, class, national origin … all the greatest hits. That threat is the growing divide between traditionalists and progressives. More from YourTango: I make quick things or eat out reveersed that works just fine, especially living in one of the best food cities in the country. Through the years, people told me that I need to become a great cook if I want to find a husband. As if that's what has kept me single all these years. I tell them that I want to find someone who can cook for me.

I'm looking for someone how complements me, which means breaking the normal gender roles.

Consistent with the norm, Dahing research reveals that women are pickier rsversed men when indicating interest in potential partners, with men indicating interest in roughly half the potential partners and women indicating interest in roughly a third. However, other researchers wondered if this apparent gender difference was actually a gender difference, or if instead it was the result of the social situation. Specifically, these researchers investigated whether the results were a result of women sitting in one place, while men circulated around the room. To test this, they had more than undergraduates participate in speed-dating events.

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