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Oral Radiology Residency Program

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Advise OMFR researchers on modern washinton techniques and provide imaging facilities for related dental research. Interpret radiographs and other diagnostic images. Serve as a consultant on oral and maxillofacial imaging problems in both medicine and dentistry. Lipomas are benign neoplasms of adipose tissue origin.

Univegsity are more commonly described in the trunk and extremities and are rare in the oral cavity. Their universihy incidence directiry the oral cavity constitutes around 4. In a study from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology AFIP of benign lipomas in and around oplicy mouth, the male to female ratio was approximately 3: Other studies reveal an equal gender distribution. The AFIP study showed the mean age to be 52 with a range of 9 polivy 92 years. Only 4 of the cases involved patients under In the mouth, the most common location for this neoplasm is the buccal mucosa followed by the lips, submandibular area, tongue, palate and less often on the floor of mouth and vestibule.

These findings are consistent with many other published reports. These lesions are slow growing and can be present for many years. Lipomatous nodule of the buccal mucosa may represent herniation of the buccal fat pad. Lipomas usually present as a single, smooth surfaced, soft with doughy consistencylobulated, painless, yellowish, sessile nodule. The overlying mucosa is usually thin and stretched with visible blood vessels. Because of its softness it can be mistaken for a cyst. Histologically, lipomas are variable benign histologies. Some have predominant lobules of mature adipocytes surrounded by a thin connective tissue capsule, while others have a predominant spindle-cell component or myxoid, chondroid, connective tissue component.

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Some are intramuscular. Each has its own clinical behavior. Before an investigation wahington opened, protective measures will be considered and implemented as they are reasonably available. Investigation When an investigation is opened, the subject of the investigation will be provided with a written explanation of their rights and options under this and other relevant University policies and information about the investigation process. The assigned investigator will gather evidence, conduct interviews of the complainant, subject, and witnesses.

During the investigation, the complainant and the subject will have the opportunity to identify witnesses and provide the investigator with evidence. Standard of Proof The University uses a "preponderance of evidence" standard to determine whether a violation of University policy has occurred. The conduct officer will kniversity resume the process when notified that law enforcement has completed the evidence-gathering stage of its criminal investigation. A conduct hold may restrict the student from registering for washijgton, requesting an official transcript, or receiving a degree from the University until the hold has been removed.

If a conduct hold is put in place pending or during a conduct proceeding, the student will washkngton notified of the hold and be advised how to raise an objection about the hold or request that it orsl made less restrictive. The hold will remain in place until lifted by the conduct office or other designated University official with authority to do so. Contacting SafeCampus will not automatically initiate a conduct proceeding or other University investigation. Generally, University employees are not required to report, and the University will not consider it a report, when information is disclosed: If a respondent is no longer a student, the University will provide reasonably appropriate supportive measures and assist the complainant in identifying any other reporting options.

Reporting to Law Enforcement Prohibited conduct under this policy may also violate criminal law and may be reported directly to law enforcement. A complainant has the right to report, or decline to report, potential criminal conduct to law enforcement. If the faculty recommendation is a departmental one, and is favorable, or if the promotion decision is mandatory, or if the candidate has written a response to the departmental vote, the chair shall transmit all documents produced in this promotion process to the appropriate dean, with his or her independent analysis and recommendation. The chair may, at his or her discretion, share the chair's recommendations with the candidate.

The dean shall be advised by a committee or council of the college or school. This advisory group, elected by the faculty of the college or school, shall consider each case presented to it and submit its recommendations with reasons therefor to the dean. If the recommendation of the committee or council is not favorable, or if it conflicts with the faculty vote, then the council or committee recommendation with reasons therefor shall be provided to the candidate. In a departmentalized school or college, when a candidate for promotion is under consideration, any member of the committee or council who is also a member of the candidate's department may be excused.

After receiving the recommendation of this committee or council the dean shall decide the matter.

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Prior to the issuance of a decision or recommendation by the dean that is not favorable, the dean shall provide the candidate with his or her initial recommendation and reasons therefor. In such cases, the dean or the dean's designee shall then discuss the case with the candidate. The candidate may then respond in writing to the dean within seven calendar days of the discussion. If the recommendation of the dean is favorable, or if the promotion decision is mandatory, the dean shall transmit his or her recommendation and the candidate's response, if it exists, to the candidate and to the Provost.

For purposes of confidentiality, specific attributions shall be omitted and vote counts may be omitted from the report to the candidate. If the promotion decision of the dean is not favorable and not mandatory, and the candidate has written a response to the dean, the dean shall transmit his or her decision and the candidate's response to the Provost for information purposes. After the case is decided, the dean shall ensure that the candidate is informed in writing in a timely way of the result of the case, and if the result is not favorable, the reasons therefor. The evaluation of a faculty member's merit and salary shall be arrived at after review of the individual's performance in relation to that of their colleagues and by comparison of individuals' present salaries to those of their peers.

In arriving at their recommendations for salary decisions the appropriate faculty, department unit chairs, and deans shall each consider the following:

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