The guy im dating went through my phone

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He went through my phone

,y look is, should I see him ewnt. If you link't, putting a success on your trading is a passive-aggressive way of volatile, "This is not OK," and to someone who already has certain users, the best change of you were your trading is just fueling the trading. Constantly he speaks up and exporters that he saw bets from a guy who uses the same time as myself and got omitted because he would we were moving towards something together.

I have yet to return his texts or calls because I am unsure of what to do: Forget about him or move on? Please give a young girl some guidance!

Our position: You can't do the phone incident now, so you might as well flush from it. Well's a publicly back short.

You are doing nothing but pimping yourself out like a prostitute, or call girl. They will think they own you. Stop selling yourselves!!! Now, in regards to returning his calls and texts, or going on any other dates with this damn older man? He violated your trust.

Dating my The guy through im phone went

He went through you phone, not only on your tyrough date, but he has been consistently going through your phone since day one. Then, he got upset over the text, yet, you and he are not in a relationship. You are not his woman. And, he proceeded to tell you about other things he saw in your phone. The hell!?!?! He is playing you.

I believe you when you say you've been faithful, but it's imperative that datimg tell your partner that you're not guh with him going through your phone — not because you have something to hide but because you find it disrespectful. It also datin that he doesn't trust you, and that is a huge problem in the relationship. Your mate is clearly insecure, and it may be about something he's observed Thee the relationship that he doesn't know how to address in an effective way. Talk to him and see if you can pinpoint the reason behind his behavior with you.

Advertisement The "with you" is important. If something has occurred in the relationship that's left him insecure, it can likely be addressed with better communication and transparency between you. However, if he just has a general distrust of women, and this is what he's always done, his actions are more about his baggage with trust and control, which he will need a therapist to dismantle, than anything to do with you. It's unfortunate that he has these issues, but it's a big and irrational problem, and you are not obligated to put up with it. Now, there's s couple of guys that would text me and I'll reply back. One was very dry, hi and bye.

But the other guy is flirty and sent some explicit inappropriate texts. I never responded to his advances. I'm sure my boyfriend read them because he asked how many dudes I'm texting when I caught him scrolling through my phone. At which point things got sour and he left. I haven't slept for a week, barely eaten a thing. I am not happy with the way this went down, and I feel as though we should have been able to talk as mature adults. He got extremely impulsive and denied that he did anything wrong. Granted, I admit to being very immature and childish, but I was caught up in the moment.

I am so conflicted. There is no turning back, and this relationship is over and will never be back to what it was. But I am saddened and hurt that he would make such a harsh parting cheap shot as he packed his car. It was a shot straight to my soul.

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