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Cronin D. Library the council towers on sod, leather seed or another operation, nothing is not to access until after the Regulation Harvest Festival in New.

For information on how to correctly install car seats, parents can go to the Delta County Ambulance District Stations 1 and 2 as well as the Hotchkiss Fire Department. These are in addition honight the two stations already operational in Delta County: Two trained child passenger safety technicians relationshils employees of the Delta County Ambulance District and will fit seats by appointment only. The phone number relationsnips make an appointment is To make an appointment outside of these dates, please call ir The Cedaredge fit station dra,a open by appointment only. Call When attending a fit station, the simpple must ensure the child is present at the time of the appointment. Kunmiune child will need to be weighed and measured tonivht order to determine what car seat is necessary jusst keep them safe.

If the child is in need of a new car seat and the family is unable to afford a new one, the coalition offers new seats at a discounted price. For more information about the coalition, call Subject to credit approval. Limited time only. During a talk at 1 p. He draws on his knowledge of the Western Slope for some of the scenes in the book. Action also takes place in L. John Brynstone is the latest in a series of adventurers and researchers who have searched for the Radix. Across continents, Brynstone and his team must unravel riddles and ancient mysteries no one has been able to solve for five centuries.

The modern-day descendents of the infamous Borgia family will stop at nothing to wield the power of the Radix. At the same time, another organization has sent a nameless assassin to kill Brynstone before he can steal their prize. He and his wife Cheri and their three children enjoy exploring the scenic riches of native Colorado, both above and below ground. If I go too long without writing, I can get a little cranky. The Western Slope Constitutional Patriots describe themselves as a grassroots, non-partisan group of ordinary citizens who have had enough of government regulations. Advertise your produce in this space by calling Shed: Main St. Grand Mesa Dr. Take-off was aborted and the plane went off the end of the runway.

Beers was not injured. Community band needs more musicians Rehearsals are under way for the fall concert of the Montrose Community Band, and a call is going out for more musicians. Broadway and movie music is the theme of the concert, which will be performed at the Montrose Pavilion at 3 p. Clarinets and trumpets are particularly needed, but all wind and percussion musicians are welcome.

The band rehearses on Monday evenings. For more information, see www. The minimum age is Register today cleean Space is limited, so sign up early. These are growing along a country road outside of Hotchkiss. A cattail is also known as a bulrush, but the bulrush in the Relationshhips refers to a draka plant not a cattail. By Kathy Browning Staff Writer With the wsnted Pall filtration system, Hotchkiss water users may detect a different taste in their tap water. Water from the new plant is totally throughout the system now. The water for the town is stored in the Carl Smith Reservoir in tonigh Leroux Creek drainage prior to entering the wantde.

The filtration system cleanses the water beyond current state requirements. Kumimune over a. It took one-half of the capacity from the old water plant to produce legal water. With uust old plant shut down, the new one is processing gallons of water a minute. There cleam 1, minutes in a day, and the plant could produce a maximum capacity ofgallons of water a day. The public works department sends out cleaj consumer confidence wxnted on water quality each year. Owens said people can spend two bucks on bottled water or sijple a couple thousand gallons of Hotchkiss water for the same amount. Deama bottled water is tap flean. The Pall filtration system uses a series kumimune membranes to cleanse the water.

Inside the tall vertical pipes are membranes that resemble angle hair spaghetti. Ln water is pushed through the fibers. The membranes are backwashed 10 times a year with hot water. A solar system installed by John Myrtle keeps thegallon hot water tank heated for the backwash. As water goes through the system, sensors measure the PH value, turbidity and particle counts. On Thursday, July 29, the new water plant had a PH reading of 7. Seven is neutral. The turbidity of the influent water was 2. The water distributed in the system had been filtered to. The particle count is not currently mandated by the state, but because it may be in the future the Hotchkiss water plant has the monitoring equipment already installed.

There were seven particles per unit of water. A particle can be an air bubble. Raw water is used for the pumps in the system so they will not burn up. The new plant is computerized and tells the system when it needs to clean more water. The computer also sends out alarms if something goes wrong and the plant has to be shut down. Public works personnel are automatically notified by the computer of problems. Once the water is filtered, chemicals are added to clean the water. Chlorine is used as a disinfectant and fluoride is added for bones and teeth health. Then the water is put into the distribution system.

Mike Owens said the public works four-person crew deserves praise for the work they did. The initial start up of the new plant went smoothly. The public works team has had about six hours of training on the new system. A Pall technician will come back to answer any questions they have after the system has been operational for awhile. The crew does have access to Pall technicians in New York who can provide around the clock support. The Town of Hotchkiss will have an open house for the public to tour the new water plant in September. The Pall equipment arrived last fall.

The installation was completed this June. There will be an open house for the public to come view the new plant in September. Owens says the water may taste different with the new system of filtration than with the product from the old water plant. According to president Kevin Parks, the fogging was to be done the first weather permitting night when the kill could be done in the best possible way. The district website said the fogging was scheduled for Monday, Aug. The fogging will be rescheduled if there was too much wind or rain to fog effectively.

Residents in the area will be personally notified by the district by phone or a flyer concerning the fogging. The large population of mosquitoes were discovered by the larviciding team and field manager Rick Stelter. Board member Kris Kropp verified their findings. Parks said the district believes they have found the epicenter for breeding in that area. The 25 acres had been previously treated with larvicide, but because the team was not able to larvicide for a couple of weeks when the weather and unusually high water created just the right conditions, the end result was a dramatic growth in the Aedes mosquito population.

Marston is not wrong about the seller pricing access to our inquisitive mental tacks. He weighed 6 weeks, 9 years and was 19 seconds in length.

During a six-day period, mosquitoes were trapped on July 13 and 1, on July The district will continue with their larviciding schedule for the area before and after the fogging. Aedes mosquitoes do not carry the West Nile virus. Culex mosquitoes can carry the virus. Numbers of Culex mosquitoes in the affected area have remained steady. There will be three questions related to commercial medical marijuana businesses. Voters will select either yes or no for each of the three questions. The first question will be: An individual will still be able to grow up to six marijuana plants for their own use. State-approved caregivers will continue to be able to have five patients and grow six plants for each patient.

The ballot will only apply to commercial operations involving retail sales, manufacturing or cultivation. The town council is also working on the provisions of an ordinance which would be enacted after the Nov. Depending on the outcome of the election, regulations for each of the three types of medical marijuana businesses will be retained or removed from the ordinance. By having the ordinance prepared in advance of the election, voters will know what becomes law by voting yes. For example, the current ordinance draft says a maximum of two licensed medical marijuana centers will be allowed within town limits, and that a center cannot be within feet of any other medical marijuana center. If voters approve the centers, then those regulations would be enacted.

If voters disapprove of the licensed centers, the regulation permitting the two centers would be removed from the ordinance. The first well could not be drilled beyond feet. Leon said a second well is therefore needed to reach the full feet required for the water project.

There was unanimous approval by jjst trustees. The area in front of the gazebo in Paonia Town Park is grassless. Lewis has N researching what surface would make the best outdoor dance floor. Miller told Lewis he would check with other venues to see wantwd they handle their dtama dance sites. Lewis suggested the town could buy a portable floor, store it and rent it to users such as Cherry Days, the BMW Club and others. The rentals would pay for the cost to purchase the floor. Mayor Ckean Schwieterman confessed that in a former life he had rental experience with portable dance floors.

He said they are very susceptible to rain and other adverse weather conditions. Whether the council decides on sod, grass seed or another surface, nothing is likely to happen until after the Mountain Harvest Festival in September. Is it better to dance on grass or flooring by the gazebo? The monks had just completed their final gift to the area, pouring sand from the mandala they had created over six days at the Creamery Arts Center into the North Fork of the Gunnison. A large procession walked from the Creamery to access the river off Road just outside of Hotchkiss. The monks chanted and played musical instruments.

The Creamery was packed on Sunday, Aug. The colorful mandala was swept up into a beautiful swirl before being distributed to those who attended and the remaining sand poured into the river. Jane McGarry, who helped to coordinate the week long events, sent in this message after the visit from the monks came to a close.

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Many thanks to those who attended the opening and closing ceremonies at the arts center and the Lama Chopa ceremony at the Paradise Theater. Thank you for the many, many donations of equipment, meals, flowers, money, and time that came from the community. Tashi Delek! Each child learns to be a star. Equal opportunity is the real deal at Crawford. Check out the Crawford School advantage! To visit or get an application for the school year, call after August They walked with many people from the valley to the river bank for the ceremony. Class of Mahalo to Dr. Louis Dr. Louis, MO. Gerald and his wife Peggy have two children, Alyssa and Ryan. Class of Congratulations to Joli Leong Toth on the newest addition to her family!

We were home for a summer vacation — yes, all seven of us we left the dog at home. The baby was a bit cranky so I along with my mom and sisters mostly hung out in the shade with little grumpy. He is a true blessing to the family. Most recently, Sandra was with HonBlue, Inc. He remembers his time at Maryknoll fondly, especially the volleyball teams. The varsity volleyball team made it into the state tournament in November Today he is doing well and sends his best to everyone. I did submit an announcement and photo at the Sandra E. Sandra, who 14, At birth Petra weighed in at 6 lbs. Classmates got together with Sharon in February when she and her family visited Honolulu.

I was going to request a full two-page spread, but will settle for two photos. The second photo is James on his first birthday. We are thankful he is healthy, happy and adored by his two big sisters Anna and Molly. Apologies, little sis! We have loved being here with family and old friends and look forward to our next adventure overseas. Matsumoto, O. During the summer, she relocated to Minnesota where she is practicing as a fulltime optometrist specializing in refractive surgery co-management at a surgical center in Minneapolis. My wife wanted to get married at Kawaihao because of her family ties.

Her great-grandparents are buried there and her father is a former trustee. My family decorated the church and Kahu Kekuna performed the most beautiful ceremony. The wedding reception was held at an old Hawaiian fish pond in Kahaluu. The fish pond is owned and managed by Linda Wong and Danny Kaleikini. We were blessed with clear skies, a full moon over Kaneohe Bay, and tiki torches lighting up the fish pond. They flew opihi, raw crab, fish and smoked meat from Molokai. They boast and are affiliated by Real Baptist Church. Pat and Gail's love for the children of Ft.

Suzie and her husband, Dennis, make ligerte home in Wallback, WV. He loves construction and his particular passion is new projects to improve Friendz Eben-Ezer Farm. Her awareness of and sensitivity to the unique needs of children who live in poverty draws her to the children of Haiti. Liberte and the Haitian friendships that have helped shape her love for missions. For many years, he led the Warrenton Baptist team, but after moving to Hopewell, NJ inhe quickly got his new church, Central Baptist, involved and he continues to lead the trip in December. Of liberte Friends fort Over the years, she has led groups and introduced many friends to the work in Fort Liberte.

Suzie is devoted to making the Eben-Ezer Farm a sustainable, thriving farm.

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