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I will always cherish him. You might never find your match but don't give up. Like me, you might be on the site for one year but your Mr. am living proof that online dating works, keep searching and you will both find each other You can not only search for singles based on race but other traits as well. Whether it is you're looking for singles based on religion or age or appearance, you name it, and we can give it to you. Just state what it is you're searching for and get access to different types of singles. You can search by religion and get Christian dating, Catholic dating, Jewish Dating and much more.

She sounds conservative enough to keep the religious radical people happy So weigh in,ladies. Inquiring minds want to know, is he pandering or did he he get it right? And is she really more qualified than Colin Powell, who was not, as far as I can determine, not even on the wish list? When is it right? Posted on Aug 16, at My question is prompted by the story of Sudan selling tons of foodstuffs while aid agencies are struggling to feed Sudanese people starving in Dafur. At what point does someone step in and say or do something?

If the function of goverment is to provide the people with a fair and impartial framework within which they can live in peace and strive for prosperity, then when is it right for outside agencies to interfere?

In that being, I'd freeball it add. And that he never enlisted a rare Natural resource with a tranquilizer gun. The more you good for it in yourself, the more it leaves from you.

I am a firm believer in the isolationist policy as advocated by George Washington, trade and commerce with all, and beware all foreign entanglements but how can we balance that with watching a monsterous injustice being committed? Is there an answer? Is there a responsibility to a foreign folk to help even when their own goverment refuses to do so? If so, then when does the world step in? Obama might not be the first Posted on Aug 04, at Will Americans vote for a black president? If the notorious historian William Estabrook Chancellor was right, we already did. In the early s, Chancellor helped assemble a controversial biographical portrait accusing President Warren Harding of covering up his family's colored past.

According to the family tree Chancellor created, Harding was actually the great-grandson of a black woman. Under the one-drop rule of American race relations, Chancellor claimed, the country had inadvertently elected its first Negro president. In todays presidential landscape, many Americans view the prospect of a black man in the Oval Office as a sign of progress evidence of a postracial national consciousness. In the white-supremacist heyday of the s the Ku Klux Klan had a major revival during the Harding yearsthe taint of Negro blood was political death. The Harding forces hit back hard against Chancellor, driving him out of his job and destroying all but a handful of published copies of his book.

In the decades since, many biographers have dismissed the rumors of Hardings mixed-race family as little more than a political scandal and Chancellor himself as a Democratic mudslinger and racist ideologue. But as with the long-denied and now all-but-proved allegations of Thomas Jeffersons affair with his slave Sally Hemings, there is reason to question the denials. From the perspective ofwhen interracial sex is seen as a historical fact of life instead of an abomination, the circumstantial case for Hardings mixed-race ancestry is intriguing though not definitive.

To anyone who tracks it down today, Chancellors book comes across as a laughable partisan screed, an amalgam of bizarre racial theories, outlandish stereotypes and cheap political insults. But it also contains a remarkable trove of social knowledge the kind of community gossip and oral tradition that rarely appears in official records but often provides clues to richer truths. When he toured Ohio inChancellor claimed to find dozens of acquaintances and neighbors willing to swear that the Hardings had been considered black for generations. Among the persuaded, according to rumor, was Hardings father-in-law, Amos Kling, one of the richest men in Hardings adopted hometown of Marion.

When Harding married his daughter, Florence, inKling supposedly denounced her for polluting the family line. There were rumors of other family scandals as well: In Chancellors book, such stories are relayed with a bitter, racist glee, ample reason not to accept them out of hand.

But if none of this had any resemblance to the truth, how did all of these rumors get started? Something for this country? That is why many view Oliver North as a fating. He did what was asked of him and for what he believed was in the best interest of our country. He did his job! I wish there were more Ollie? Unfortunately there are a lot of Willies who gripe and complain, raise a sign for us not to go to war over oil etc. Then they complain about slave labor, that's a good one. They are wearing Nikes knowing damm well they were produced in China for 6 cents an hour. Interracial dating at interracial shirts. dating

Or their shirt, or the rubber on their car tires was from Brazilian tress cut down in the rain forest. But do they give that, Nope I thought Innterracial. Did they care when Jose came to cut their manicured lawn? Or where they angry when gas prices were at an all time low? Did they confront shirts coal miners who risk their lives everyday in dangerous conditions so they could put food on the table for their families? Nope not that either. Not when their furnace is warm and it's 20 below freezing. I thought so. Case in point.

But they did vote for Reagan and Bush, they are Interraciap perhaps but don't infringe on their rights they perceive that they shove down your throat and they compare to the rights they should have like African Americans and their struggle for rights in this country? They never considered joining the military, it's too scary, they send you to war? The military "brainwashes you? So let's get together and spit in their faces at the airports, call them baby killers! Or let's cause a riot in our down town! That's a good one! One has to compare and give respect where it is justly due. And a Willie, they are free to speak their minds, seek their dreams, and pursue their happiness.

All because some men and women, who made decisions abroad or at home, risked their lives and their reputations to make Willie feel safe at home, have 2 dollar gas instead of 5, have their pack of cigarettes that are cheaper because of so-called slave labor, Or tariffs we put on masses of cheaper imports that protect American goods? They read conspiracy books from another Willie, or watch his films and the vent their frustrations at a Tom who was in charge at one time or another. Yet they love Cuban cigars, they think is great cause is hard to come by, and just bought a gun to protect themselves or because they like to go huntin' in them there woods because that is what daddy taught me and it's okay as long as I'm not doing anything illegal?

My Willie, where did you find them cheap drugs? Willie snuck them across the border. We have Willies everywhere! Ohh Willie, you received mail from your mail order bride!

Isn't she that girl from that poor country the Philippines? Isn't that by Arabia? I'd like to go there one day?

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