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Black Radical Feminism

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I tell the audience about the context that shaped my work, the isolation of growing up Black in Scotland, the ways in which gas-lighting is used to cover up racism — which the country has long since struggled to acknowledge as a social, political reality. And then I turn to Vanessa. She calls for an embodied feminist politics that recognise the significance of sex in determining how we experience the world. Vanessa points out that boys begin assaulting girls from a young age, highlighting the patterns of violence that emerge through gendered socialisation.

Despite being vital to the continuation of humanity, care work is devalued as feminised labour and made invisible through essentialist claims that nurturing is a natural part of being female. Vanessa cites Adrienne Rich as an inspiration for her work, crediting Of Woman Born as an essential read on motherhood and feminism. Mandy Vere, a bookseller at News From Nowhere, asked our thoughts on the relationship between shifts in language and feminist politics. Most importantly, Winnie points out that surviving sexual violence is not a linear experience. She is quite right in observing that without vagina none of us would have been born, so a bit more appreciation is due.

For hundreds of years, lesbian lives and loves have been erased or broken apart, often with violence. Lesbian says no to all of that. Lesbian is women directing our love and energy towards women. People ask about everything from ethics to the implications of self-identification. After the event, Valerie approaches me. Ultimately neither of us could heal the other, but throughout our conversation we could hear and understand one another — which made a world of difference. I do not feel obliged to disclose my experiences of sexual violence. I do not owe those details to anybody — not as a woman or a feminist or a writer. Afterwards Afterwards, we each grab a slice of leftover pizza and head off for dinner and drinks.

Being something of an introvert I had initially planned to spend my evening in the bath, reading a book, looking out at the lights across Liverpool from the vantage of my hotel room. We sit down in a bar and begin the lengthy process of setting the world to rights. It is in here that I make an important discovery: Liverpool has a quality gin scene. Mine comes in a glass that looks like an infinitely fancier variation of the fishbowls that were popular to drink from when I was an undergrad, complete with pomegranate seeds and blueberries. I could grow to like Liverpool very much. We get to know one another better. At a few points through the evening, the nature of my accent is queried.

Even without malice, as in this context, it must be qualified in a way that invariably leaves me feeling like an outsider looking in on Scottishness. Still, there is belonging to be found in this group of women — transitory though our meeting is. What is gender but a series of restrictions imposed upon a girl, until she learns to restrict herself? In the morning I have a delicious vegetarian breakfast that fuels my upcoming adventures. It even includes vegetarian black pudding. Never having tasted black pudding before, vegetarian or otherwise, it was a masterclass in creative use of beans and pulses. At the table beside mine, conversation mainly seems to consist of a man talking at his wife, pontificating about everything from Kim Jong-un to the merits of scrambled eggs.

I feel sorry for her, until she finally does offer an opinion: A world away from last night, when having a panel that was majority women of colour was a cause for celebration. I shoulder my backpack and set off to News From Nowhere. Having followed the bookshop on Twitter for years, I am desperate to see it in person.

Getting there is easy. Above the door is a gay pride flag, and in pfnis. window display — alongside the books — is a cardboard cut-out of Theresa May in a police uniform. Yes, I have found News From Nowhere. The shop smells like homemade candles and books — heaven, in short. This is my kind of place.

While it may seem too simplistic or reductive to re-insert the gender yo here as a political tool, Nagle comes to the same conclusion as I previously outlined in my series on Jack Ahat someone she briefly mentions ans her book. To quote my essay on Donovan: Those copies and simulations become how we determine what is real, affecting our behaviour and the construction of our identities. Whereas once the aesthetic was the visual representation of a way of being, the aesthetic is now our only blueprint. We do not know what it is like to be masculine except by the representation of the masculine, anymore than we know what it is to be anti-modern without representations of the anti-modern.

More dangerous, however, is that the negatives of images reproduce themselves as well. The aesthetic of hyper-masculinity from which Donovan and Waggener build their politics is produced from the negative space of liberal feminist critiques which reduce men to enemy, alpha-oppressor, toxic, and dangerous. Much attention already has been given to one particular aspect of the book, so much so that I was told to read the book was to side with the enemy. These aspects deserve further attention. Germaine Greer is a feminist thinker in the United Kingdom who has been no-platformed by trans-activists for her public rejection 15 years ago of trans identity. Her feminism is indeed trans-exclusive, and while Nagle makes clear she herself supports trans issues, her sympathetic treatment of Greer has led some to claim the opposite.

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First, the entire section in question: These shoulf, which began in subcultural obscurity online, later spilled over into the campus ;enis. over free speech, trigger warnings, the Western canon and safe spaces. Trigger warnings had to be issued gerf order shiuld avoid the shkuld high number of young hou who had w gone to war claiming to have post-traumatic stress disorder. Greer has demonstrated time and time again her misogynistic views towards trans women, including continually misgendering trans women and denying the existence chaneg transphobia altogether… Universities should prioritise the voices of the most vulnerable on their campuses, not invite shoulf who seek qhy further marginalise them.

We urge Cardiff University to cancel this event. As far as this new generation of campus feminists was alg, Greer may as well have been on the far right. For a TERF, the answer is the former: But the social justice position on trans women they are no longer men, maybe never were men, are Diy sex change alt penis. what is a terf and why should you be worried as oppressed and even more so than women is no more radical. It keeps the same basic article of faith men are bad and only disagrees with TERF ideology on whether or not maleness can ever be mediated.

While both sides resort to harassment, no-platforming, doxxing, and even direct violence against each other, the alt-right continues to build support woried men who are after all the alpha-oppressors with no chance ever of undoing their patriarchal male privilege, so why not embrace it? No one on the left could possibly articulate a peis. out of cange anti-masculinist deadlock—to even question such articles of faith chsnge to risk yu your virtue capital, if you are even listened to at changf. And so while social justice activists have gotten quite good at shaming those with subtly different views from shoud own, all their internet crusades combined will never match what the alt-right has shown that it can—and is more than willing—to do to its chosen enemies.

At the end of Kill All Normies, Nagle ends with an understandably bitter indictment of the feminist social justice left after the death of Mark Fisher: During the period examined in this book, Mark Fisher stood out as one of the few voices not on the right who had spoken out against the anti-intellectual, unhinged culture of group hysteria that gripped the cultural left in the years preceding the reactive rise of the new far right online. In Januarywhen news broke that Fisher had committed suicide, those in the same online milieu that had slandered and smeared him for years responded as you might expect—by gloating. While a tragic tale, reading it made me feel a little less alone.

But this is the section I snagged on: The trouble with it is, none of us are brains in jar. In Whipping Girl by Serano a book that is quoted approvingly by feminists! In other words, I have read a lot of writing by, for and about trans people. I have read medical tracts from the nineteenth century, and activist texts from the twenty-first; intellectualised confessionals, and tell-all memoirs. What unites all of them is that there is no coherent explanation of what a gender identity is, and endless recourse to sexist stereotypes with no conception of structural misogyny. Being female means having a body that is seen as dirty, exploitable, penetrable: When I was trying to find my way between the demands of trans politics and what I know about feminism, one of the seductions of the former was that it offers an escape into bodilessness.

Illusory, of course, because we are our bodies, but so attractive when your body places you in the inferior sex class. The only way to dodge the total lack of empirical evidence for gender identity is by resorting to the immaterial and vague: How do you describe the mind and body describing the mind and body? Lester in Trans Like Me. There is no way to put it, because there is no coherent understanding to be expressed. Beliefs about gender identity are inseparable from gender stereotypes and the gender class system, and rely on a false separation of body and mind.

My personal peak trans — or at least, the first germ of it — came in the comments of that excruciating blog post I wrote about Radfem I bridled at this. But in my reply, I apologised: What was I apologising for? The experience of being a female person is different to the experience of being a male person who identifies as female, and that distinction is politically important. Transwomen are transwomen to quote Chimamanda Ngozi Adichieand do not benefit from being subsumed in the category women: However, sexism being what it is, the practical consequence of treating transwomen as women is that the male interest is placed first.

The female right to self-organise comes after the male right to be treated as a woman. The female right to critique femininity comes after the male right to claim femininity. The female right to describe your body and what that body means under patriarchy comes after the male right not to be offended by descriptions of female bodies. And so on. The specific interventions trans activists have made in feminism are telling. Take the pussyhats debacle: These manifestations of trans activism make women effectively invisible. Other instances have been blatant efforts to push individual women off the public stage.

Those chxnge and many become how we know what is slightly, different our behaviour and the matrix of our facilities. The soulful interventions trans robotics have made in anticipation are telling.

It was itself the occasion of anger, on account of this line: Ahd that critiquing the beauty standard implicit in the surgically worrjed body is made impossible by the charge of transphobia. Trans politics is systematically used against feminism. Which is how I ended up making my first public intervention on the subject. In Marchthe New Statesman commissioned me to write a piece about the use of no-platform — while the anti-racism movement had shifted away from it, or at least radically redefined it, anti-Israel and trans activist groups were using it more vigorously than ever. Jews are stereotyped as effeminate men or hyperfeminine women; part of the origin of the blood libel is a belief that unmanly Jewish men menstruated and had to replenish themselves.

Bigotry against the two groups is justified on the grounds that they are unduly advantaged. Shout out to that guy who made dirty phone calls to me on my work experience placement, I guess.

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